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Learn about my previous and current projects I am working on.

Software Company - October, 2022

Innovative solutions for simpler and more efficient life. Our mission is to make technology way better and empower your business by providing top notch products and services.

Software Company - December, 2020


We create quality digital products for your next big idea. We sell HTML templates, PHP scripts which can save your time and money. Templatecookie is a team of developers working on building quality templates and scripts!

Template Marketplace - November 2020

Echotemplate is a marketplace for free UI & HTML templates. It is mainly built for develoeprs who are working on side projects. Curated quality templates for designer & develoeprs

Software Company - October, 2020


💻 A Software development company providing quality services. As company we develop innovatives website & software solutions. We are proud of what we do.

eCommerce Company - June, 2019


Joybazar is a ecommerce store selling accessories online to improve your daily life.

Amazon Affiliate - June, 2019

Best Hammock Chair is niche based blog for hammock lovers. I was supposed to generate income by doing amazon affiliate program.

Youtube Channel - 2017


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