My Career Timeline

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin. Life is a journey and every chapter is very interesting

  1. Graduate from High School

    I graduated from Charia High School with a SSC in Humanities and a computer elective.

  2. Admission to Versity

    I was accepted to the National Polytechnic Institute (NPI) in computer technology.

  3. Bought my First Computer

    I bought my first computer, which was a Dell laptop. It cost me around 33,500 BDT. I was excited and finally ready to learn how to operate a computer.

  4. Left Collage

    I was learning a lot and started freelancing as a web designer. Soon after, I decided to focus on my web design skills and did not attend the 4th semester final.

  5. Getting First Job as Web Designer

    I started working as a web designer at a multinational company. It was my first job, and I was so excited to join them. At that time, I was 18.5 years old.

  6. Left Jobs and started Affiliate Marketing

    Starting in 2018, I was learning PHP to become a full-stack web developer. Eventually I started an Amazon affiliate marketing business as a side project, and I wasn't doing well enough. On July 1, 2018, I decided to leave the company and focus on my side project.

  7. Started Freelancing as Full-stack Developer

    My side project didn't do well; after 10 months of doing so, I got demotivated and decided to focus on learning Laravel, PHP, and MySQL. After 5 months of learning, I started freelancing as a full-stack web developer in February 2019.

  8. Hired First Employee

    I was doing a full-time job and a part-time job. Besides this, I got a project offer worth $4000 USD, and I couldn't resist that offer. It was my biggest project so far and I'm pretty confident I can finish it. I was so busy that I hired someone to work with me.

  9. Created My First Software Company

    My first hiring didn't go well, and I decided to start a company after discussing it with my friend Khayrul Islam. At that time, Khyrul was learning PHP and Laravel from me, and he helped me a lot with brainstorming how we could get started, which we did after 2 months of working together.

  10. Dropout from Collage

    My family, friends push me a lot to complete my diploma (at least). After failing in the 4th semester two times, I wasn't ready to pay 25 thousand BDT for a 3rd attempt, especially when my business was not doing well. I decided to drop out of college and start a new life.

  11. Getting Married

    I was so frustrated with running a company, working with clients, and working on my side projects, echotemplate, codeshikhi, and templatecookie. I couldn't help myself, as I was engaged in computer-related activities 24/7. I decided to get married and I am so happy to be married.

  12. Closing Zakirsoft Latest

    I am closing my first company, Zakirsoft, after almost two years of working on it. I began with my friends and family, and it holds an emotional significance for me.I made so many mistakes, I had many projects on my hands, and my life and routine were not organized at all. It is time to get everything in order. I want to focus on a few specific personal and professional projects.

  13. New Startup Latest is building innovative solutions for a simpler and more efficient life. Our mission is to make technology way better and empower small businesses by providing top-notch products and services.